622. Weekend

Hey, it’s Saturday, so I thought I’d celebrate the weekend (not to mention Pride Weekend here in NYC) with the film WEEKEND. Appropriate, no?

I was blown away when I first saw Andrew Haigh’s moving, poignant romance WEEKEND, and naturally enthusiastic when Criterion decided to release it. Taking place between a Friday night and a Sunday evening, the film follows Russell and Glen, whose one-night stand turns into a beautiful two-day affair where they discuss their aspirations, their relationships and family, and their experiences as gay men. Their conversations resonate with me deeply, in a way that few contemporary queer films do. I love how their characters straddle either side of the imagined “too out” or “not out enough” fence. And I particularly enjoy the cheekiness when Glen questions why straight people will see films about murder and rape, then claim that they can’t relate to a gay storyline. The acting from Tom Cullen and Chris New is natural and wonderful, and the filming is so intimate it feels voyeuristic. I can’t recommend it enough, even if you’re not very interested in romance (which I’m not), or not very interested in queer cinema (which I am).



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