523. Night Train To Munich

When Hitler’s Germany marches into Prague, a young woman is arrested in an attempt to reach her scientist father. What follows is an adventure that spans Europe by boat, train, and gondola, chock full of thrills, lies, and hearty anti-Nazism. The film was released in the early days of World War II, so it’s not exactly an accurate picture of the times—the Germans don’t even speak German. But who needs accuracy when a movie is so entertaining? Margaret Lockwood and Rex Harrison have some nice chemistry as the scientist’s daughter and the British officer determined to get her back, although romance is barely a plot point. Like any good thriller, it’s all about the deceit and close calls, especially the nail-biting conclusion. There’s even some injected comedy by way of two buffoonish Brits who find themselves roped in. All in all, NIGHT TRAIN TO MUNICH is a great bit of entertainment from the early days of the war.


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