630. Rosemary’s Baby

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Halloween than with Roman Polanski’s occult thriller ROSEMARY’S BABY. Mia Farrow plays Rosemary, sweet and naive, who wants to start a family with her struggling actor husband in their beautiful new apartment. But she has no idea that her nosy elderly neighbors have their own plans for her womb. This is the type of horror film that I love. It relies entirely on suspense and paranoia, with a bit of the surreal. Even though it’s ostensibly about the devil, Rosemary’s fear comes from mundane sources: her stifling apartment, the people she thinks she can trust, and finally, a baby gone wrong. What’s even better is that her satanic neighbors are as funny as they are disturbing (I adore Ruth Gordon). And Rosemary’s emaciated-pregnant-chic makes for some memorable scenes.




    1. Aw thank you, that’s so nice of you to say! The negative-space-hand idea was totally stolen from countless other designers, but I thought it worked so well in this context.

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