Help Me Choose My 100th Criterion Film

Hello friends and fellow Criterion connoisseurs. I have a bit of a milestone coming up—namely, the viewing of my one hundredth Criterion Collection film. (No, I have not yet illustrated one hundred films. Let’s stick to one milestone at a time, here.) I wanted to commemorate this with something special, but I couldn’t choose which unseen masterpiece should receive such a coveted spot. So I’m opening it up to suggestions. Which Criterion title would you consider it a crime for me not to have seen? What do you recommend? I can only choose one film for my hundredth, but I’ll be happy to illustrate anything that’s nominated.

ETA: Here’s a handy link to the complete list of films.



  1. I have 2 recommendations for you:
    1.400 Blows reason:you can mark a milestone by a milestone in cinema history
    2.Seven Samurai reason:this heavy weight epic is good enough for your milestone,and also I’ve seen many great design art from this film,should be a very creative one to design

    1. Thanks for the excellent suggestions! You’re right, it is definitely criminal that I haven’t seen either of those yet. I need to get on it — they’re definitely going on the list.

  2. I just realized you haven’t seen House! Crazy Japanese haunted drug trip of a film. Should be plenty of good things to illustrate.

    1. All wonderful recommendations. Thanks! I’ve definitely been meaning to watch Rebecca. I might have to wait on The Tin Drum, though…I got halfway through the book and I promised myself I would finish reading it first.

  3. Wings of Desire always stands out to me. Also, Slacker. I have a great nostalgic fondness of that movie, though It might not be epic enough for your 100th slot.

    1. Ha, for Slacker I think I’ll definitely go buy some beer and invite a bunch of friends over to watch. It seems like the thing to do. I’m not familiar with Wings of Desire at all, but it looks just lovely. Thanks for the recommendations!

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