260. Eyes Without A Face

What I knew going into this film was that it had beautiful DVD art, a memorable title, and an intriguing summary.  What I didn’t know is that EYES WITHOUT A FACE is considered a classic in horror cinema.  So it came as a shock when events went from creepy to, well, horrifying, and I loved every minute of it.  Even the minutes that I had to watch through splayed fingers (something I rarely do).  In the film, a plastic surgeon is obsessed with restoring his daughter’s once beautiful face, now disfigured from a car accident that he caused.  He’ll go to any lengths to make things right, no matter how monstrous.  In the meantime, his childish daughter floats about the isolated house in a white mask, one of the film’s many arresting images that make it just as beautiful as it is disturbing.  It all leads to a satisfying ending and a new concept of what a horror film can look like.



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