97. Do The Right Thing

On a particularly hot day in Brooklyn, I sat down to watch this movie about a particularly hot day in Brooklyn. Appropriate, right? Of course, I don’t live in the racially charged neighborhood of 1980s Bed-Stuy, the setting for Spike Lee’s powerful DO THE RIGHT THING.  The film features a talented ensemble cast as they go about their daily routine.  But what starts as a comedic series of vignettes soon escalates into something more far more threatening.  I’ve been meaning to watch this one for ages, and I’m happy to say it completely lived up to expectation.  I love a movie that can show conflict without villains, and no one here is vilified — well, okay, except for the police.  I also loved the editing and everything done to give the film just as much vibrant energy as the streets of Brooklyn.  Plus, I learned that the ice cream truck jingle hasn’t changed in over twenty years.

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