111. Mon Oncle

I fell in love with this movie from the first five minutes, charmed by a band of dogs stirring up trouble around town, and I continued to be charmed for the rest of the film.  The director, Jacques Tati, reprises his role as the quirky, absentminded M. Hulot.  He’s the titular uncle of the film, and a hero to his nephew who’s trapped in his parents’ horrifying modernist museum of a home.  Anything that can make modern furniture look ugly to me is perfect satire.  And the scene where Hulot battles an automated kitchen is priceless.  Although most of the humor is slapstick, a lot of it is so subtle it’s easy to miss, and there are often layers of it in one scene.  I basically enjoyed every aspect of this film, and when I thought it couldn’t get better, the charm, comedy, and satire were wrapped up with a sentimentally sweet ending.


  1. I just bought this print. Love it! Partly because I love the movie and this is a great print, but also because my wife loved it too (and she’s usually not a Criterion type) and has lately said she wants a house like Villa Arpel. Well now she has one. 🙂

    Excellent work, Michelle!

      1. Haha, in my younger days, the 2 Ls used to drive me insane. Now it doesn’t really bother me. Thank you so much for buying a print, I hope you enjoy it! And I can’t argue with your taste in film OR interior decorating.

  2. The wife loved it so much that she thought it was for her (it was sorta, but for me too). We’re going to frame it and will definitely buy more of your prints.

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