25. Alphaville

Part film noir, part french new wave, and part dystopian sci-fi, ALPHAVILLE comes off as stylish and schizophrenic.  Lemmy Caution is a spy from the Outerlands who has just made the intergalactic journey to Alphaville.  His mission is to assassinate the scientist who created Alpha 60, the super computer that runs every aspect of the city on strict logic, including its inhabitants.  Along the way he meets Natasha, the scientist’s daughter who does not know the words “conscience” or “love” because they are no longer in the bible—which is actually a dictionary.  All of this plot, however, is almost secondary to the film.  At the forefront is Jean-Luc Godard’s beguiling and distinctive directorial choices, and the creepy philosophical musings of the computer itself.  Although confusing at times, the bizarre juxtaposition of disparate genres and imagery is what makes this film so memorable.

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