57. Charade

How fun is this movie? Audrey Hepburn plays the recent widow of a murdered criminal, who begins receiving threats from three ominous strangers. Cary Grant is the acquaintance who promises to help.  Or is he working with the three men?  Or maybe he’s spying against them?  The film is a romantic comedy at heart, but that doesn’t mean the thriller-mystery bits are diluted or predictable.  At least, I couldn’t predict any of it.  The story jumps effortlessly from comedy to danger to romance, and there are enough plot twists to cause whiplash — that last twist is especially satisfying.  But I think what impressed me the most is how the romantic leads are able to maintain their relationship despite questionable allegiances, unknown motives, and lies upon lies.  Apparently nothing is capable of making Cary Grant look bad.


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